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  • Q: How many pages can I create with my account?

    A: Infinite

  • Q: How many links can I shorten under one page?

    A: Infinite

  • Q: How can I view statistics of my links?

    A: Easy. Just add "/stats" at the end of any short link and you will be able to view the statistics for that link.

  • Q: Can I shorten a link without any subdomain?

    A: Yes. Choose "none" from the subdomains list and your link will be shortened as

  • Q: Can I change the subdomain name of my page?

    A: No. You will have to create a new page with a new subdomain name.

  • Q: Can I add YouTube videos on my pages?

    A: Yes, not just YouTube videos, but also YouTube playlists, Instagram posts, Spotify playlists, podcasts and albums, Twitter tweets, SoundCloud tracks, Twitch live streams and clips, Google Drive folders, Dailymotion videos and Vimeo videos.

  • Q: Can I remove a short link from my page but still make it work?

    A: Yes. Open your page in customization mode and click on "Remove from page" to remove any link from your page. Doing this will remove the link from your page but it will still work. You can always add your link back to your page by clicking on "Add to page" on any link from the "Unlisted / Removed Links" section.

  • Q: Can I delete my account?

    A: Yes. Go to your user settings to terminate your account.

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